2021 SSR SR70A Automatic, electric start!  Engine Type 72cc Bangen™, 4 Stroke, Single     cylinder, Air Cooled,   Bore And Stroke 47mm x  41.4mm,   Carburetor 16mm,  Max Output 4.69 hp @ 7500 rpm Ignition CDI,  Start Mode Electric Start,  Transmission Automatic CHASSIS  Front Suspension Hydraulic, Conventional Rear  suspension   255mm Shock,   Front Brake Drum,   Rear Brake Drum,   Front   Wheel  / Tire Steel / 2.50-10,  Rear Wheel / Tire Steel / 2.50-10 Frame Double Bar Steel Frame,  Swingarm Steel, "A" Type DIMENSIONS   Wheelbase 39 inches,   Seat Height 21.5 inches Ground Clearance 5 inches,  Fuel Tank 0.8 gallons,  Weight 113   pounds,   L x W x H 53 x 24 x 31 inches,   OTHER   Colors-  White, stock# 101473 or Orange, stock#101327.   Was $1086, now only 899 INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, assembly, set-up AND doc fee!!

 2021 SSR SR125!!! ENGINE Type 124cc YX™, 4 Stroke, Single   Cylinder, Air Cooled,  Bore And Stroke 54mm x  54mm,  Carburetor   22mm,  Max Output 7.3 hp @ 7500 rpm,   Ignition CDI,  Start Mode   Kick Start, Transmission 4-Up Manual,  CHASSIS,   Front Suspension   Hydraulic, Conventional   Rear Suspension 275mm Shock,  Front   Brake Disc Rear Brake Disc   Front Wheel / Tire Steel / 2.50-14

  Rear Wheel / Tire Steel / 3.00-12,  Frame Double Bar Steel Frame

  Swingarm Steel, "Straight" Type,  DIMENSIONS   Wheelbase   47inches,  Seat Height 30 inches,  Ground Clearance 10.5 inches

 Fuel Tank 0.8 gallons,  Weight 129 pounds,  L x W x H 65 x 29 x 40   inches  OTHER   Colors-  Black or Red.  Warranty 30-Day Factory Limited Warranty Coverage, was $1428, now only 995 INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, set-up, AND assembly!!!

Sprinter 12 Electric balance bike-  SPECIFICATIONS  MOTOR  Motor Type- Brushless Power 100 watt Transmission-Drive Chain Drive-Throttle & Go CHASSIS Front Brake N / A Rear Brake Drum Front Wheel / Tire Plastic / 12 x 2.125 Pneumatic Tire Rear Wheel / Tire Plastic / 12 x 2.125 Pneumatic Tire Frame Alloy Fork-Steel DIMENSIONS-  Wheelbase 26.5 inches Seat Height-16.5 inches Ground Clearance 4.5 inches Battery-Lithium, 24 v 4 ah Running Time Per Charge-60 minutes Speed-4 - 8 mph

 Weight-22 pounds Weight Capacity 50 pounds Age 3 - 5 years

 Foot Board Yes L x W x H38.6 x 20.1 x 22.4 inches

Only $515 INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, assembly AND doc fee!!!


Sprinter 16 Electric balance bike-  MOTOR  Type-Brushless  Power 100 watt  Transmission-Drive Chain,  Drive-Throttle & Go,  CHASSIS

 Front Brake N / A,  Rear Brake-Drum,  Front Wheel / Tire Plastic / 12 x 2.125 Pneumatic Tire,  Rear Wheel / Tire Plastic / 12 x 2.125  Pneumatic Tire  Frame-Alloy,  Fork steel,  DIMENSIONS-  Wheelbase 26.5 inches,  Seat Height 16.5 inches,  Ground Clearance 4.5 inches

 Battery-Lithium, 24 v 4 ah,  Running Time Per Charge 60 minutes**

 Speed4 - 8 mph**  Weight 22 pounds,  Weight Capacity 50 pounds

 Age 3 - 5 years  Foot Board Yes,  L x W x H 38.6 x 20.1 x 22.4 inches

 Only $598 INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, assembly AND doc fee!!! 

Sprinter 16 Electric Balance Bike