The Moto Guzzi flagship is available in an even more luxurious and better refined version. Comfort is increased without sacrificing any of the performance and rideability that have made the California Touring the point of reference for its segment  The California Touring is the latest heir to the successful project with which Moto Guzzi redesigned the concept of luxury motorcycle at the end of 2012. The Touring is a perfect representation of Moto Guzzi's culture and the ability to build unique motorcycles that has been around since 1921: it is the  California in its most classic expression, unequalled in terms of style, comfort, performance and reliability.   Was $19,285, now only 15995 INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, assembly AND doc fee!!!  0% interest financing for 48 months!!!  Black, Stock# 000043 or Red, Stock# 000149  Ask about our additional Military and 1st respnders rebate!

2020 V7III Stone "S" S for SURPRISING, S for SPORTY, and S for EXTRAORDINARY!  The new V7 III Stone S is ready to amaze everyone thanks to its modern sleek look  and  optioned with Full-LED lights. The only one of the V7 III range to be produced in a limited and exclusive series of only 750 numbered motorcycles made. The Stone S is the most sporty and refined interpretation of a model with an essential style and a strong inclination towards personalization.  Stock# 000139, was $10,268, now only 9490 INCLUDING freight, destination, prep, assembly AND doc fee!!!

0.99% financing for 36 months or 2.99% for 60 months!!!  Ask about our additional Military or 1st responders discount!!!

The Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone now has a stronger and more personal aesthetic connotation than it ever had before.  Eclectic and essential, it foregoes any chrome parts, embracing the darkness of its matte black paintwork. Sticking with V7 tradition, though, it is available in  an attractive, satin-finish color, Nero Ruvido (matte black).  The total “dark matte” look characterizes the V7 III and distinguishes it from the other V7 versions, but that is not the only difference.  The V7 III Stone is the only V7 III that arrives with spoked wheels and single circular display instrumentation. The front fender was also shortened to highlight its essential sporty look.  Was $9160, now only 6999 INCLUDING destination, prep and doc fee!!!  Low interest financing available!!!  Stock# M000695, ask about our additional Military or 1st responders discount!!!

2020 V85 TT Travel, in stock!  Perfect for an adventure journey!  The V85 TT Travel, when a name is worth a thousand words. It is the long-distance journey, in fact, the element around which V85 TT Travel was conceived. Refined and suggestive style, with a set of essential accessories for " explorations " to conquer the world and every road you throw at it.  Stock# 000016, was $14,243 now only $13,390  INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, assembly AND doc fee! AND 1.99% financing for 48 months or 3.99% for 72 months!!! Ask about our additional Military and First Responders discount!!!

The Moto Guzzi V7 III Special comes closest to the spirit of the original model due to its classical styling, chrome parts and bright graphics.  
Like the famous 1975 V750 S3, the V7 III Special has the typical colored stripe on the side panels that complement the matching colored horizontal bands on the tank. Three other attributes set apart the V7 III Special from the others:- The spoked wheels have polished channels and black hubs- The instrumentation is made up of dual circular displays- The chrome-plated steel passenger grab handle arrives standard.   Was $9735, now only 7995 INCLUDING freight, (destination) prep, assembly AND doc fee!!  Low interest financing available!!!!  Stock# 000233, ask about our additional Military and 1st responders discount!!!

2020 V85 TT Adventure Special IN STOCK!!  The classic travel enduro retains the values and authenticity of the noble Mandello brand and promises unique riding experiences, in keeping with Moto Guzzi tradition.  Presented at EICMA 2017, and having kept to its development and production schedule, the new Moto Guzzi reflects a construction philosophy in which simplicity, practicality and lightness make for an unfiltered relationship between motorcycle and rider.  Stock# 000483 was $13,843 now only 12,990 INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, assembly AND doc fee!!!  AND 1.99% financing for 48 months or 3.99% financing for 72 months!!!  Ask about our additional Military or 1st responder discount!!!

Forget all you know: we created MGX-21 to make you feel today what others will only experience tomorrow. MGX, known as Moto Guzzi eXperimental; 21 makes reference to the year the first motorcycle came out of the Mandello del Lario factory. Or, if you prefer, 21 like the inches of its front lenticular carbon fiber wheel.   The torque from the Moto Guzzi Big Block engine shines through. Its 89 ft·lbs (121 Nm) push you forward with relentless grunt at revs which leave others standing. But at the same time, a state-of-the-art electronic management with ride-by-wire throttle, selectable power maps and evolved traction control keep everything in check, letting you bask in the comfort of Cruise Control.  Was $22,785 now only 17495 INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, assembly AND doc fee AND 0% financing for 48 months!!!  Stock# 000171

Ask about our additional Military & first responders discount!!!

Eldorado, the flashback effect comes out in the details: the spoke wheels, the fuel tank with chromium sides, the oversize saddle, the rear mudguard with the gem-shaped taillight, the bullhorn handlebar, the passenger grab handle.   With a lower setup thanks to the new sixteen inch spoke wheels that mount whitewall tires (130/90 on the front and 180/65 on the rear), attention is drawn to the new wraparound mudguards. The front has a particularly “clean” design which enhances the powerful front end, whereas the rear, on the other hand, is the element that draws the most attention on this ultra elegant Moto Guzzi. Its smooth and generous shape integrates with the new full cover shock absorbers, the gem-shaped rear light cluster and the classic rounded turn indicators.   Was $17,285 now only 14999 INCLUDING freight, (destination),  prep, assembly AND doc fee!!!!  0% financing for 48 months!!!  Stock#000022  Ask about our addtional Military or 1st responders rebate!

It’s the details which make the difference.  It’s not just the LED lighting which sets the V7 III Stone Night Pack apart. There’s also the new short, sleek rear mudguard with integrated brake light and licence plate holder. The seat is heat welded and boasts an embroidered Moto Guzzi logo, whilst the lowered positioning of the headlight and instrument cluster add another stand out touch of individuality.  The V7 III Stone Night Pack is available in the classic Bronzo Levigato (bronze).  Iconic status  As with the entire V7 III range, the brand-new V7 III Stone Night Pack is equipped with the legendary and tough-looking 90-degree transverse V-twin engine. Agile and versatile, it makes for super-smooth gear changes smooth with just the lightest of touches to the lever. In short: maximum performance, maximum comfort.  Stock# 000032 was $9718  Now only 8995 INCLUDING freight (destination), prep, assembly AND doc fee!!!  Low interest financing available!!!

2020 V85 TT: the Classic Travel Enduro  The fundamental concepts at the heart of the V85 TT project are simplicity, ease and practicality, values typical of those 80s enduro bikes. Moto Guzzi V85 TT achieves its ambitious goal of combining a style based on said values with the needs of a modern touring enduro. This is why it deserves the title of classic enduro, dedicated to touring . Its design combines technology and functionality, with typical Moto Guzzi traits to ensure durability. The desire for simple shapes is clear: with no kind of fairing, the V85 TT is defined by the lines of its tank, its side panels and the front mudguard, as well as its brand-new sculpted 90° V twin engine of course.  Stock# 000039 or 000035 was $12,768 now only 11529 INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, assembly AND doc fee  AND 1.99% financing for 48 months or 3.99% for 72 months!!!

The V7 III Stone now boasts ever more distinctive and bolder aesthetic features. Eclectic and essential, it eschews any touch of chrome whatsoever, opting instead to embrace the darkness of matt black paintwork perfectly setting off the dedicated seat with its passenger grab strap. Whilst the total dark matt look distinguishes the V7 III from other versions, there are plenty of other differences. And, for those wanting a splash of colour, there are three captivating satin shades inspired by the typical tones of the 70s: Rosso Rovente a fiery red.  Stock# 000805 Was $9218 now only 8399 INCLUDING freight, (destination), prep, assembly AND doc fee!!!  Low interest financing available!!!  Ask about our additional Military or 1st responders discount!!!

Chrome never looked so good.  The first reflection is obvious. This V7 III, which arrives on the market 51 years after the debut V7 created a stir in the world of Italian motorcycle culture, is loaded with reflective chrome. The gas tank will absorb much of the attention, its flowing design now enhanced with a mirror-like finish unlike anything ever created from the Eagle Brand.  Chrome exhaust, mirrors, headlight ring and a passenger grab handle compliment the chrome finish of the limited-edition V7 III Carbon Shine. To further add to the personalized feel, traits that are evident due to the Carbon name, the shortened front fender and side fairings are designed from carbon fiber.  Was $10,660 now only 8795 INCLUDING destination, prep and doc fee!!!  SOLD

V7III Stone